What makes casinos so divisive ?

As you might be aware, Japan was embroiled in controversy on July 20, 2018, when a law allowing casinos was passed by a large majority. The government claimed it would improve tourism and economic growth, but critics were outraged. The Japanese government saw a need to promote mega-integrated resorts that included casinos, entertainment centres, restaurants, hotels, and conference centres. The federal government operates integrated resorts, hotels, conference rooms, theatres, retail stores, restaurants, and other entertainment venues, as well as casinos, which will generate new jobs and provide much-needed revenue to local governments. This will bring in new international visitors to Japan. The Japanese, on the other hand, were totally uninterested.

Casino with a shady reputation

➢ The government is promoting the non-gaming aspects of these integrated resorts aggressively, stressing that vast facilities for MICE activities, music venues, and casino elements will be provided. That was the case.

The government is primarily motivated by the new revenue produced by these facilities.

They also closely monitored the process of attracting more international visitors, building new 5-star hotels, promoting the construction industry, and generating new job opportunities.

The government claims that this would benefit the entire world, but my research indicates that it will not.

The government would make a lot of revenue and receive a decent amount of money from taxation. However, the money comes from the average person’s pocketbook, who shouldn’t be able to spend that much.

Those who won and those who lost

The general people, who are still struggling to live their lives with the help of governments and corporations, will lose, as is often the case.

Cities and prefectures have applied to host the 2025 World’s Fair, which will be centred on new integrated resorts.

According to the event’s secretariat, the majority of Japanese are opposed to casinos, and an estimated 5 million people in Japan are now gambling addicts.

The organisers of the exposition do not want to build new ways for people to lose money.

Former Prime Minister Abe said that he would create the world’s cleanest casino and the best gambling addiction measures, but that there was no cure for gambling addiction.